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Book Homo Bulla by Inge Reisberman
Page Nocturnes II

Last year, I thought I had finished the 17-part video series Homo Bulla, which was shot in 2019 till 2021 at the Meelfabriek in Leiden.

But autumn 2021 I started editing again. Three triptychs emerged, all with a length of 04.28 minutes: The Last Waltz, Nocturnes and We Float. I adjusted the colour grading for each triptych. The Last Waltz in shades of brown, Nocturnes in grey-blue and We Float in black and white. The other eight videos are in Satellites and do not have a synchronous duration or colour grading.

When the editing was completed, I made a print-on-demand edition full colour. Now the Homo Bulla project is finally finished!

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Book Homo Bulla by Inge Reisberman